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coaching services

NBCC offers a number of coaching options ranging from one-off testing to establish current fitness levels or to establish training heart rate/power zones, to a complete package of detailed monthly training plans giving day-by-day training activities, core strength and flexibility exercises, turbo training plans and analysis and feedback of training data.


The first step in any training regime is to identify your goals. This could be achieving a certain standard in a sportive, a PB in a time trial, a result in a race, a faster time in a triathlon or just improving your current level of fitness. Once your goals have been established NBCC can help you achieve these by providing a personal, structured training plan.


The process starts by completing a detailed questionnaire which will establish your personal details, previous seasons performance, assessment of your training history, available training time and personal goals. Your current level of fitness will need to be established. Usually this is done by tests on a stationary trainer such as the Wattbike or Cyclops 400 Pro.


Establishing the goals is very important. Checking that the goals are specific, realistic and achievable is an integral part of the coach’s work. Event profiling for a particular goal can be undertaken to highlight where strengths and weaknesses may lie and allow them to be targeted in the training plan.


On-going consultation by phone, text and email will determine how you are working towards these goals. They can be then be fine-tuned and updated as required. Periodic testing can be carried out to chart progression.


Fitness testing

Test is an integral part of the coaching strategy at NBCC. Benchmark testing allows principal fitness parameters to be established while periodic testing checks the progress of the training. At NBCC the Wattbike or Cyclops 400 pro are used for testing.


The results of the tests are used to set the heart rate or power training zones. This will ensure that training is carried out in the optimal zone to achieve the desired effect. As these zones are dynamic, detailed analysis of training data or regular testing should be undertaken to allow any changes to the zones to be adopted into the training plan.


Fitness testing could include some or all of the following, depending on your goals:-

  Progressive ramp test to establish the baseline power/heart rate curve

  Functional threshold power (FTP)

  Maximal aerobic power (MAP)

  Power profiling to establish your strengths and weaknesses

  Peak power curve

  Power to weight ratio at different time intervals

  Pedal stroke analysis

  Bike fit and positioning


Training plans

Training plans are designed to suit an individuals personal requirements. At NB Cycle Coaching we will not provide off-the-peg plans. The training plans we give will be tailored to the individual. This will give you the best possible opportunity to achieve their goals.


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